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The PsycIntake Questionnaire

Your own questionnaire on the web or your office computers!



Tired of spending your valuable time taking patient information and writing it into a report? With the PsycIntake now you can have your clients provide their answers electronically before the interview. You can then review their information and add more data.

All you have to do after that is to click on a button to have the information that was entered written into a full paragraph formatted report automatically using your own statements, structure, and style.

You can always review and edit the answers at any time, and modify the report after it is created if you like. No more paperwork, no more retyping and copying and pasting, no more wrong names and pronouns.


Fully customizable - Afforable - HIPAA compliant


How does this work?

Collect and Report:


      1. The user (patient, informant, staff, etc.) fills out the easy to use electronic questionnaire

      2. If needed, answers can be reviewed and edited.

      3. The examiner downloads the answers into his/her computer

      4. Additional information can be added (Recommendations, Diagnoses, Scores, Notes, etc.)

      5. A full narrative report is created automatically with a click of a button


      Reports are generated using M.S. Word format and can be edited and revised as needed.