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Disability Reports Generator

The DisabilityWriter Program is equipped with an easy to use electronic questionnaire that enables you to collect claimant data quickly, along with test scores entry form, summary and diagnoses, all saved it in a database, so you can create comprehensive Disability Evaluation reports in minutes.

Built according to SSA specifications!
Our template complies with the Social Security Administration specifications for Disability Psychological Evaluations. Yet you can further customize the template to meet your own standards.


Making changes as needed!

Our template is designed so it can be easily changed and customized as needed. That includes the elements in the questionnaire, the report sections and narratives, and the tests that are used. We provide full assistance and training to make this process even easier.

Based on the package that would be purchased, this assistant may be free of charge or may be offered for a small fee. (contact us for more details).

Key Advantages:

Comprehensive Reports

Fast, efficient, and easy to use..

By using the exceptionally easy to use user form or ‘electronic questionnaire’, you can collect a large volume of claimant data from anywhere (tablet, laptop, etc.) in a very short time.

Instead of typing claimant information, you will be able to enter claimant data by selecting from multiple options, answer true or false questions, and type short answers when prompted. Keep in mind that all multi-selection lists, true or false statements, and all ‘Fill-in-text’ fields are fully customizable, and so are the reports narratives.

You can also collect test scores for any testing instrument you choose. Keep in mind that all information is saved in a database that can be retrieved by you at any time.

All generated reports are in M.S. Word format, they are created with customized header and footer, and can be edited and managed (after being created) as needed.

This program is HIPAA Complient and all software components reside on then client's local network.

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Charges & fees

Pricing structure is based on per-report fee.  You pay by selecting (purchasing) one of many available packages that include different number of reports. The charge per report varies depending mainly on the package you choose.

In most case, the fee per report ranges from $5-6. There are discounts available for large volumes that are determined on per case bases.