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"The PsycWriter has helped my practice immensely. More than half of my clinical work and the evaluation reports used to take me 8-12 hours of work to complete. With the PsycWriter I complete them in 2-3 hours, which I consider has contributed to a more efficient and productive service and satisfied patients, not to mention an increase in income. I would highly recommend the PsycWriter to any professional that performs psychological evaluations!"

Grettel Martinez, Psy.D.
Miami, Fl


"My experience with the PsycWriter program is completely unexpected. Not only does it significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the report for a comprehensive psychological evaluation, I am able to maintain the same high standards for quality and personalization for each client that I used when dictating the reports myself. The flexibility in the program allows me to use my own statements and language throughout the report, from the history to the results and recommendations.  The process involved in beginning to use the program is simple and led to my practice becoming increasingly streamlined and efficient. As a result, I save both time and money, and it does not come at the expense of quality. I never imagined this to be possible."

Cindy Johnson PsyD,LP
Anoka, MN


"I really enjoy using the Psych writer. I love being able to customize everything to my specific needs as a clinical psychologist. It saves me so much time but also allows me to include everything that I need!"

Ashley Baker Ph.D.
Atlanta, GA


"In an age where reimbursement agencies are virtually eliminating reimbursement for the time it takes to produce comprehensive reports; The PsycWriter is a solution to meet these challenges. Once the system has been customized and set up to the user’s liking, the process of writing reports is drastically reduced from hours to minutes and yet produces a professional presentation. With the reduction of time required to write the report, the professional can choose to accommodate more patients to increase the number of billable hours as needed to accommodate practice expenses. The program offers the ability to standardize the process of the history intake and greatly simplifies the organization of information into a Word document which becomes a front end of any report or can easily be a standalone output for a patient's chart. I strongly endorse the use of The PsycWriter for anyone looking to reduce the burden of their document preparation especially for practices encumbered by high volume and/or fast turn-around times."

David S. Cantor, Ph.D.
CEO, Clinical MH Director
Mind and Motion Centers, LLC
Atlanta, GA


"PsycWriter is very flexible, producing reports that retain my individual style and quality but take much less time. Since I started using it I have been able to complete reports much faster, permitting me to generate more revenue and respond to my referral sources more quickly. PsycWriter staff is responsive and worked with me tirelessly to get the program customized just the way I wanted it."

Claudia B. Rutherford Ph.D.
South Deerfield, MA


"I've been using the PsycWriter program for about a year now. I have found the ease of use and flexibility of PsycWriter to be very good. With PsycWriter you click through key sections of the history, test results, and recommendations producing complete sentences or paragraphs with a few clicks. Some of the test results are automatically produced based on score values that are user defined. Every word in the completed report is my own. It has my voice, my style, and my knowledge and expertise. There is usually less than 10% editing or updating of the document following report generation. For those with techs or office support, they can enter the data for history and test scores to save even more time. I would definitely encourage others to give PsycWriter a serious look!"

Chuck Edgington Ph.D.
Oklahoma City, OK


"Your product is valuable and probably under-priced considering what we pay for the MMPI-2."

Dr. M. Chris Wolf, Clinical Neuropsychologist