Psychosocial Intake and ReportsPsychosocial Intake and Reports


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Perfect Tool for Social Workers..

Imagine having your questionnaires and data intake sheets in an electronic form where data can be collected quickly and easily from anywhere; the web, a tablet, a laptop, or office terminal. Then imagine the data collected writes itself automatically into a report that has your own formatting, style, and uses your own narratives to describe the data. (see how it works)

Note: all intake data gets stored permanently in an encrypted form strictly on your network where it can be retrieved/edited at any time.

No, you don’t have to hire a programmer or pay thousands of dollars to make this a reality. All you have to pay is a negligible fee per transaction. Try the PsycIntake and see if you can do your work with half of the time or less. Odds are this will be the best business investment you ever made.

What's more? We provide templates that you can use and modify to help you configure your defalt statements, multi-select options, etc.

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Multi-purpose Solution

Create your own solution!

Whether you are in the medical, mental health, financial, research or any other field, you can build your own electronic records, data collection, and reporting solution.

You can create your own dataset, build electronic questionnaires to collect data from anywhere, and create custom reports automatically without IT knowledge or expertise. You can build multiple datasets and unlimited templates.